Nana Kuronoma

Introducing our first Cosplay Judge and Guest, Nana Kuronoma! Nana will judge the cosplay contestants for our in-house cosplay competitions as well as our international preliminaries! Nana wrote an introduction about herself for you all;

'My name is Nana Kuronoma and I've been a cosplayer and model for over 10 years now. Besides sewing, wig styling and crafting, I started to make and edit my own photos. Twitch is a great Platform to share my editing process with my followers, I don't want to make a secret out of that, but we also play a lot of retro games together and have fun at our “just chatting“ days, where I get to know all of you better. I was able to set up my own business with my hobby and I could only do that because of you, my supporters! Now I have the big chance to travel around the world and spend time with you at amazing Conventions! I want to say “thank you“ to each of you in person, so pass by at my table and don't be shy to talk to me!'


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