Volunteer at AnimeCon

Get a glimpse behind the scenes, learn meaningful soft skills and get a free AnimeCon ticket! The J-POP Foundation and AnimeCon are organised and run by volunteers. They’re organised in a number of groups based on their responsibilities, helping make the festival the huge success it has already been for so many years.
Get a free ticket!
Crew are responsible for delivering an incredible experience to our visitors, starting from welcoming them at the registration desk upon arrival, to manning the bag room, video rooms, and many other jobs behind the scenes.
Stewards are the first line of defense when trouble arises, and responsible for crowd management, safety checks, escorting special guests and assisting our security and first aid teams before and during the festival.
Behind the scenes there are a lot of people working tirelessly to make our event as epic as it can be. Want to be a part of everything that happens behind the scenes? Look at our open vacancies for specific positions (Dutch required). 

About the J-POP Foundation and AnimeCon

First of all, let us introduce the Crew: they welcome you to the festival by handing you your badge, send you on your way by handing back your bag at the end of the day, and ensure that we make good on everything in between. Crew can be recognised by their volunteer t-shirts.

Then there are the Stewards. This is a small group of people recognisable by their yellow jackets, who are responsible for making sure that the festival runs without major calamities.

Finally, there’s our Staff. They work tirelessly, year-round, to organise pretty much everything to do with the festival: from events and the video program, to planning our Dealer and Game Rooms, all the way to managing the venue and other volunteers. They can be recognised by their red staff t-shirts.

All these people are proud of their hobby and like to put in a little extra time and effort to make sure that others can enjoy the festival to the fullest. But that’s not the only reason: volunteering comes with a host of nice perks, as a token to show our appreciation. 

Questions about being Crew or Steward?

Still have questions? We're happy to answer them, please ask through the Crew contact form or Steward contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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