Taste Japan

At AnimeCon, you can experience Japanese culture through all five senses, taste included. Visit a maid or butler cafe during the busy festival hours or grab a quick bite to eat. You can also make your own snacks at one of our food workshops. We also have sake and whisky tastings with authentic Japanese drinks. 

The three catering areas

Grab a bite to eat and something to drink at one of the food stands. From fresh bubble tea, shaved ice to fresh Asian hot meals, AnimeCon has got you covered. For years AnimeCon prides itself by having a variety of tastes of some of the best Japanese foods and drinks. Between our selections you will find not only traditional flavours, but also newly inspired foods. Do you have special dietary wishes or needs, don't worry, you will find that many of the stands cater also to your needs, including Western food and vegan meals

Food Workshops

If you'd rather like to learn how to make the most exquisite flavours of Japan yourself, then AnimeCon typically hosts different Japanese food workshops. This year we have moved these workshops to a tent in front of Bakkerij 2, among all the new caterers.

Maid Caf├ęs

In addition to the Food Court we also have two Maid Cafes and a Butler Café in Bakkerij 2 where you will be welcomed in Japanese style by maids and butlers. Including the opportunity to have you picture taken with them.

Of course you are also welcome to go there just to pick up some food and drinks.

Horeca Plaza information

Three unique areas make up the Horeca Plaza.

This list contains the catering from 2023. We still have to update it.

Directly behind the entrance.

  • Gendai Sake: at the bar you will not only find Western soft drinks and beers, but also Japanese beers, sake, whisky and soft drinks.
  • KIKABA: Kibbi's Kawaii Bakery offers cakes, cookies and sweets .
  • Kotobuki: for your original Japanese curry, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, karaage, udon, sweets and drinks.
  • Momiji Sushi: this year with not just sushi, but Korean chicken as well.
  • Shokunin Spirit: A new team, offering you healthy meals and snacks.
  • Spherebay: Our friends from Germany provide you with bubble tea and taiyaki again.
  • De Broodfabriek: has two sales corners offering sandwiches, snacks and fries for anyone who is in need of a quick European bite.

In between the terrace and Bakkerij 2.

  • Naruto Streetfood: Naruto offers a wide ramen selection and Japanese drinks.
  • Honkies: the vegan caterer with sushi, ramen and samurai burgers as well as Japanese beer and soda.
  • Label7: Japanese soft ice.
  • Poffenier: takoyaki 'Amsterdam style', taste this iconic Japanese street food with a Dutch twist.
  • The Korean Town: Korean street food.

Bakkerij 2.

  • Honkies: the vegan caterer with more sushi, ramen and samurai burgers as well as Japanese beer and soda.
  • InfiniTea: bubble tea, cakes and Japanese finger food. At certain times you can also be served by the maids of Sparkling Potpourri or the butlers of Royal Roulette.
  • Kare Curry: This caterer comes all the way from France with delicious curry and onigiri.
  • Neko Neko Ni: the maid cafe Neko Neko Ni serves drinks, cakes and sweets but you can also visit them for a curry bento, sushi, donburi or Korean bites.
  • Nguyen: Takoyaki, Korean chicken, dried fruit.
  • Okini: Enjoy an authentic Japanese sandwich.
  • Osaka Cooking: yakisoba, both chicken and vegan.
  • Troy's Shaved ice and catering: for cooling shaved ice (with alcohol optionally), filled crepes and yakitori.
  • De Broodfabriek: offers sandwiches, snacks and fries for anyone who is in need of a quick European bite.

Taste Japan Events

Food Workshops

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Maid Cafes

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18+ Taste Japan

Paid workshops and tastings

An additional ticket is required for most workshops and tastings to cover material costs.

Tickets will be available from a time yet to be announced for purchase on each event page  (but also below where you can order multiple tickets at once). Available tickets can be purchased online until 30 minutes before the event starts and at the registration desk at the festival where you can pay with pin and cash. After that we will sell the remaining ttickets (if any) at the door of the location.
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