Bring & Buy: Secondhand Marketplace

At Miatzy's Bring & Buy your merch a new home!
The Bring & Buy is a part of the festival where you, (only) as a Whole Weekend visitor, can hand us your used anime and manga-related items and we will (try) to sell them for you in our Dealer Room. All festival visitors can buy these submitted items at the Bring & Buy table but only Whole Weekend visitors can submit items to be sold.

On Miatzy's website you can find rules, selling tips and information.

How does it work?

Save yourself some time and make an account via Miatzy for the bring and buy. Don't forget to read the rules as well. Create an account in the Miatzy database and add your products before the convention starts.

After adding the products to the database you can finally add sturdy labels to your packed products. Print the labels by pressing "print labels". A new window will open with a printorder. Cut the labels and use clear tape to fully enclose the label onto your product. (A single piece of tape will NOT hold out a whole weekend). Also print the product list by clicking "print list". Bring everything (the labeled products AND the printed product list) to the Bring and Buy.

If you have questions regarding Bring & Buy that are not answered on this page, please ask them trough the contact form on the Miatzy website.

Selling tips

Research the average secondhand price of what you're selling. This way you won't undersell or overprice yourself. Sell products as a set whenever you can, like a series of mangas or perhaps a set of nendoroids. 

Do not use plastic foil to wrap your products. We do not accept these. Check whether your products still work and are undamaged. 

Label 18+ products. 

Buying tips

Here are some suggestions that will help you to avoid problems when buying:

Some of the DVD's offered will be recorded in the NTSC standard and your system might not be able to play them. If you don't know what we mean by this, feel free to ask on our Discord or Facebook groups

DVD's, Blu-rays and videogames offered might only be playable on a specific region-enabled player and your system might not be able to play them at all (this is called region-protection or region-lock). Most of the time, the packaging will state what region number they are compatible with. If you don't know what we mean by this you can ask us.

Bring and Buy History

We have been implementing the Bring & Buy as far back as Famicon II (1996) and would like to continue to do so. Early 2002 we downscaled our staff and almost wouldn't have been able to organize Bring & Buy at that time. In 2003 and 2004, the Enschede-based fanclub, Konnichiwa was willing to help us out. In 2005 the people from Abunai took over from them, followed in 2006 by the people from DMX Anime, and in 2007 by the friendly people of AnimeXP.

In 2011 Mataki offered to organize Bring & Buy for us, which we gladly accepted as they already helped out in 2010. Since 2012 Miatzy has been organizing Bring & Buy with assistance from our volunteers.
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